Live at Home or D’Khayangan ?

Senior Living D`khayangan is an exclusive integrated housing for seniors (seniors) that puts forward the concept of service that is tailored to the specific needs of individuals.

D’khayangan tries to meet the needs and personal preferences that differ between one individual and other individuals ranging from small things to big things like preferences and nutritional needs, abstinence, eating hours, hours of sleep, hours of sleep, hobbies, and the need for vitamins and drugs – medicines that must be consumed regularly.

Senior does not need to bother anymore in the care of home care because it has been served by a professional team, besides D’khayangan is a home-based senior who makes positive interactions among seniors so that seniors do not feel lonely. Senior does not need to bother their children or grandchildren or family because D’khayangan has professional staff who are concerned in the field of nursing.

D’Khayangan provides a team of nurses who have been trained and are alert to handle the needs and monitor the daily health of seniors. With a stay of Rp. 500 thousand per day, so when compared to hiring nurses at home, the costs incurred are much cheaper, because while living in D’Khayangan, seniors will be monitored by several nurses at once for 24 hours, then the supervision of seniors will be more better than just relying on one nurse at home. When seniors stay at home, generally grandchildren will feel uneasy to leave it at home with only one nurse, because actually one nurse is indeed inadequate when an emergency occurs, not so when staying at D’Khayangan, because many personnel are always maintain, both in the form of a team of nurses, internal doctors, and delivery facilities to hospitals and many more advantages of staying at D’Khayangan compared to at home as can be seen in the table below.

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