Senior Home Care

The advantages of our caregiver:
  1. Caregiver lovingly cares for and serves
  2. Complete equipped education and training required
  3. 24 hour service on your parents’ side without exception
  4. High professionalism (conscientious and regular in maintaining diet, rest and even the daily activities of your parents)
  5. Careful health checks (blood pressure measurement, medication and vitamin schedule, stretching of the body, etc.), especially when your parents are in the process of treatment

Caregiver Assistance

Accompany members in daily activities (activities of daily living), such as eating, bathing, mobilizing to leisure or relaxing activities. Our caregiver assistance is a graduate of vocational high school and has passed caregiver training.

Caregiver Care

Accompanying members both in basic activities (activities of daily living) and treatments that require special treatment such as DM wound care, pressure sores, provide nutrition through NGT, and replace the IV fluids. Our caregivers are D3 through S1 graduates and have passed professional caregiver training.

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Senior Home Care

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