Daily Activities For Members

Jababeka Senior Living provides various daily activities for seniors, including singing, dancing, painting, playing musical instruments, weight checking, blood pressure checking, light exercise (specially designed for elders), tips on maintaining health etc.

Program Benefits

By joining this program, your parents / grandparents will get health control routinely every day, get activities and friendship that will provide fun. In addition to maintaining physical health and providing mental happiness, this program will also provide daily activities that can maintain and hone the thought process and memory that is expected to slow the process of senility.


Nurses are also allowed to participate along with additional costs. With the help of the day care team, we will help monitor the performance of your parents’ nurses that you might not be able to control when they are left at home while you work in the office. Shuttle service is also available at an additional cost that can be adjusted according to distance.

Gardening activities

We provide a garden to distribute the hobby of farming, both for ornamental plants and vegetable plants, as well as hydroponic plants which the results can then be sold to local residents`

Sports activities

There are complete sports facilities such as chess, yoga, badminton, jogging, putting golf, driving courses, swimming pools and other sports facilities that can be used to fill time productively with sports that alternate every day so it doesn’t feel boring


Art facilities such as music or painting are available

Reflexology / Physiotherapy

This service is one of the favorite services for members because besides being healthy, they also feel quite pampered with this service.

Local and International Tourism

Jababeka Senior Living regularly organizes tour events for both local and international tours

Birthday Party

In addition to regular family visits, we will also help to organize birthdays and capture these beautiful moments of togetherness in a memorable album


There is a karaoke room equipped with old songs that can arouse beautiful memories in youth.

Family Visit

To complete the happiness during a family visit, in addition to facilities that can be used by senior members, the D’Khayangan facility can also be used by family members of residents, plus the presence of facilities for children such as outbound facilities. This family visit can apply both ways, either from the children and grandchildren who come, or we will arrange for visits from D’Hhayangan to the children and grandchildren.


What is meant by working here is not to work hard to sustain life, but rather to focus on productive activities without heavy targets, but the income earned can be used to spend more for personal satisfaction. For example, for those who have the talent to play piano, we can provide facilities to teach playing piano by getting payment from students.

Free Internet / Wifi

We are aware of the importance of connectivity in this digital era. The entire Jababeka Senior Living area is equipped with free wifi so members can do activities using the internet network such as browsing, googling, social media updates or just video calls to families.

Regular Event

D ‘Khhuman also regularly, in collaboration with various parties, regularly organizes various events that are beneficial to members and the surrounding community such as Japanese and Indonesian cultural performances, Lunch Dialogue with Prof. Dr. Komarudin Hidayat, Valentine in Cap Go Meh, and others.

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What are you waiting for, register your parents / grandparents as one of your forms of devotion to parents. It is an invaluable kindness and is said to add luck if you can make your parents happy. Contact us to get special promos while they are still available. Click the Whatsapp button below for more information.

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